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Pilot Headsets

Our own 'Wilco' range of headsets offer supreme sound quality and comfort. These mid-range headsets will suit a variety of budgets for student pilots up to our top quality noise-reduction headset with bluetooth and out ultra lightweight ANR headset. 

These headsets have been tested by our founder, Chris Wilkinson, who is a pilot and instructor. They have been tested over six months in multiple aircraft to ensure durability, quality and comfort. They are lightweight and do not sit heavy on the head so are comfortable to wear for hours at a time. 

The sound quality is crisp and clear with the faux leather ear cushions providing ultimate comfort. A number of our headsets are noise-reduction, which lower background noise giving a clearer sound quality for air traffic control and other pilots.

All headsets come with a comfortable fleece headband, faux leather ear cushions, and a Wilco headset bag. AA batteries are also provided for ANR headsets.

Free UK mainland delivery for all headsets.
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